giovedì 26 gennaio 2017

Ready to visit the tomb of Rameses VI?

Click on the photo and start your visit

Tomb of Rameses VI

Find and take a screenshot of:

a long black and yellow snake
2 boats on the Nile river
2 thrones
2 black birds
A long text (hieroglyphics)

Where is this tomb?

lunedì 16 gennaio 2017

How do you have information about ancient Egypt?

Historians and archeologists research information about the past examinig findings.

We can find information about different topics surfing the internet, reading books, watching videos and so on.

We are working in international groups:

Padlet 1  (about Jobs)

   Padlet 2   (about climate)

   Padlet 3   (about houses and buildings)

  Padlet 4   (about clothes and food)

     Padlet 5   (about religion)

     Padlet 6   (about the Nile river)

In each task you have to describe a picture: remember how to do it

In the picture I can see ...
There is / There are ...

The man is
The people are
It’s raining